How Can you Identify Ink Marked Cards

Ink marked cards are created from ordinary playing cards that have a particular invisible ink. By appearance, you won’t find them appear different. Detecting the invisible ink marked cards with naked eyes can be very difficult. Identification of ink marked cards is important because it keeps you away from frauds even if you don’t use them. The players must use some specific devices for seeing the ink marks on the pack of cards. For those who want to know how to see invisible ink marked cards, here are a few tips that can help you: 

  • The marked cards are categorized into two types which include bar-code playing cards and back cheating cards. You can use sunglasses or invisible ink lenses to see the back cards. 
  • The specific contact lenses function in the same way as common contact lenses. They all can do the correction of your vision. 
  • You can also detect the invisible ink marked cards with the help of infrared contact lenses. 
  • A poker analyzer can also be used for reading the cards with the barcode. Just make sure to use a poker analyzer that has an inbuilt scanning camera. 
  • You can use a wireless earpiece and scanner along with a poker hand analyzer. With the help of a scanner, you can scan the barcode at the back of the cards. It sends information to the one who is predicting the results. And the analyzer can inform you about the results with the help of an earpiece. 
  • You can use the scanning camera in any object which is essential for you to use on daily basis, such as watches, mobiles, or any other gadget. 

Mentioned above are some very effective ways by which you can identify the invisible ink marked cards. Invisible ink marked cards are used by the majority of poker player throughout the world, and for identifying these marks, you can use any one of the tips discussed above in this post. With the help of this information, you can surely make effective use of ink marked cards in poker or any other game. 

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